Vocabulaire avancé

Good site but advanced vocab.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/games/destination/flash/western/index.shtml Fun game of intrigue for older students.

Fun site but only for advanced French students

Wow. Huge Simpsons website with tons of activities, en français!

Click here for a wonderful site about a day in the life of many children around the world. Unfortunately, no sound.

Click here for a good site to practice French argot (slang) from France. Fairly advanced level.

Click here for some interactive quizzes on Europe. Advanced.

Click here for the TV5 website. For advanced French.

http://julietteendirect.telequebec.tv/ Fantastic site with lots of activities.

This is fun but a little challenging. Help Olivier decorate his room. Click here.

http://www.didierbravo.com/html/jeux/index.htm Some really good interactive activities here.

Lots of quizzes here on Les dessins animés.

 http://fr.monsterhigh.com/ <--Looks very interesting!
Merci pour les suggestions du blogue de Mme Sylvia Duckworth

La lecture est la meilleure façon d'acquérir du vocabulaire !!!!!