Thèmes fêtes

Les fêtes thématiques

(Great for Hallowe'en! Once you find the ingredients, you need to put
the candle under the chaudron to heat it up and then watch what

2. Dress a boy up for Halloween:

3. Le rock de la sorcière (chanson) Scroll down to the large video.  

4. Chauve-souris (chanson) Scroll down to the large video.  

5. Fun Halloween eCard  (This is not in French but you could totally do it in French with your students)  

6. Website for Halloween. Fairly advanced vocab.

Really creepy language translated from English and downloadable.  

8. YouTube videos for Halloween   

9. Amazing Halloween Paper cut-outs  

10. Click here for a SMARTboard file "Les monstres". Click here for a word document.

11. Crée ton propre mystère (La maison hantée)For PC's
For Macs  

12. Click here for a cute PP called "Des araignées dans le grenier", practicing counting to 40. From Jo Rhys-Jones' fabulous website:  

13. Click here for a wonderful Halloween storybird called "Matilda la sorcière".    


15. Boowa & Kwala3  

16. Boowa & Kwala 4  

17. Cree ton propre monstre: L'atelier des monstres:    
18. Click here for "L'histoire de l'Halloween en France" via Textivate.

19. Click here for a great Halloween Pinterest board, English and French.

20. Les chiens se déguisent: Des images très drôles!

21.Meg et Mog

Le jour du souvenir
 1. Boowa & Kwala
2. YouTube videos
3. YouTube video


1. Calendrier d'advent

2. Le sapin de Noel (chanson) Scroll down to the large video.  

3. Le sapin de Noel (histoire) Scroll down to the large video.  

4. Jingle Bells (chanson) Scroll down to the large video.  

5. La tache de Noel (chanson) Scroll down to the large video.  

6.    YouTube videos   

7. Le calendrier de l'advent (chansons)   

8. Site for Noël but advanced vocab.    

9. Word Cloud Christmas card ideas   

10. Le Père Noël vocab  
11. Le Père Noël Storybird  

12. Wow, a personalized video message from Père Noël. Try it out... you have to see it to believe it! Click here for one in English. 
13. Cool, interactive site called "Le village du Père Noël".  

14. Click here for another fun interactive site on "Noël".   

15. Click here for a great online Christmas Card maker.    

16. Click here to play 3 Christmas songs with the help of some reindeer!   

17. Click here and here and here to make snowflakes!   

18. Click here and here to make "un bonhomme de neige".   

19. Click here to make "un arbre de noël".   

20. Click here to design your own "Maison en pain d'épice".   

21. Click here to spell your name with "les boules de neige".   

22. Sapin et boules de neige    

23. Boowa & Kwala  
24. Boowa & Kwala 2   
25. Boowa & Kwala 3   
26. Boowa & Kwala 4   
27. Boowa & Kwala 5   

28. Click here for a PP on "La nuit avant Noël". Click here for an audio recording.

29. Some great activities here.


Le carnaval de Québec
1Click here for a great site for Bonhomme Carnaval activities.  

St. Valentin   
1. Sweet poem: Une histoire de coeur

2. YouTube videos about love   

3. Boowa et Kwala  

4. Click here for Une histoire La Saint Valentin (.notebook file for SMARTboard) created by Karen To.  


Saint Patrick  

Histoire Saint Patrick CSLaval

1.  Histoire d'un lapin (Scroll down to the large video)  

2.  Chanson"Le printemps"

A site with lots of activities for Easter.  

4. SMARTboard file for Pâques  (found on )  

5. L'histoire de Pâques (vidéo)   

6. So much fun! Click here to fling a Cadbury egg onto any house/building in the world! In English but can explain activity in French.  

7. Pâques YouTube videos  

8. Boowa & Kwala   

9. Boowa & Kwala2  

10. Les signes du printemps (SMARTboard file)   

11. SunnyEarth Academy's Links  

12. Pierre Lapin de Beatrix Potter (simplifié, SMARTboard file)   Click here for the Flipsnack version.  Click here for the video.

La fête des mamans:

1. Chanson "Avec mes deux mains"  

2. YouTube videos about love   

3. Click here for a news report on Mother's day in France.  

4. Boowa & Kwala  

5. Chanson: Je t'aime, maman. Password: maman  

 Le jour de la terre  

Click here and here and here for great videos for Earth Day.  
Click here and here for good websites.  
Click here for another video, beautiful but advanced vocab.  

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